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Sun, Jan. 1st, 2006, 06:05 pm
Prospero Ano!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Wed, Sep. 14th, 2005, 10:39 pm

For my sisiCollapse )

Sat, Jul. 2nd, 2005, 04:14 pm
good times with friends

Oh yes. I have the best friends in the world. Always up to do shit and have a lot of laughter.
We were at Dominik`s house yesterday, in Bad Orb. Thats really somwhat of far away from the shitty hole I live in. Tib and Me drove to Kathy and from there, she drove us with " Pauly trash" <-- thats the name of her car lol to Orb.
That`s the first time ever I have been at Dom`s place. Its a real badass house, one of the coolest I`ve ever seen. Truly cool and everything nice and comfy. We just chilled all together ( Fio, Mareike, Kathy, Tib, Dom, Martin, Sue and Me) had some cool munchies and some real good convos and laughers. I got to meet Dom`s sis, and shes pretty cool too.

Tib and me have a new Insider..

PARIS....YOU SUCK!! lmao. Actually it`s not even that funny, but we couldnt stop laughin our asses off until we had tears in our eyes.
But I think I should first explain this insider: First of all, it has absolutley nothing to do with Paris Hilton lol

It has to do with my Evanescence " anywhere but home" dvd. Its the concert in Paris they played once, and while performing Amy keeps shouting Paris, you rule tonight bla bla to the crowd. And I was like...what would happend If she was like...." Paris.....you suuuuuck" lol. Well thats about it. Then Tib added that I would stay on stage shouting that and ppl from the front row would throw tomatoes at me lol. Yeah...I know actually its not that funny, but still...that was just awesome. I think thats our new fave quote now lol.

Well yeah, had a real good time. We spent the night there, went to bed really late and the next morning, I wake up, go to the bathroom and realize there is a snail under the toilett. Kathy named her Frida. Hehe.
And then Martin was searching for Sue and I was just like..Oh..shes visiting Frida.
And hes like..huh who the hell? lol. Fun Fun. But then somehow Dom put Frida away and I asked him where he put her and he just said.." Into Garden Eden " lol poor Frida....I bet shes spending the rest of her life in the biotrash now.

Then Kathy drove us back home...I slept on some hours..and tonight she kidnapping me again cuz they want to Grill at Fio`s...soo...Ill go to Bad Orb today again.

Sat, Feb. 26th, 2005, 07:45 pm

I feel better........yay :D just hope it will stay that way....still have a headache from time to time..hope that will pass too......

so monday...im going back to school...after 2 weeks that i missed out....

and I'm fit for the operation....I guess....just hope I'm really Okay again..........yep.

Mon, Aug. 30th, 2004, 09:26 pm

It's officially now..: Jenn is an 11 grader^_^ teehe. Yup. I'm in class BG11e..lol. This mornin i was really nervous all the time..and then at school..there was this " get to know game", the teacher threw a lil ball to ppl and then they had to say who they are, where they come from and their hobbies and stuff..and then it was my turn lol and i only said stupid things duuh Jenn lol how embarresing..lol i was so nervous that i didnt even notice that shit coming out of my mouth lol geeeez. I gotta work on myself...i have to get more calm and confidenc and everything will b alot easier ..yep. So my class...its kina cool. I'm really glad. I don't know any of those peeps exapt Lisa who was with me in my old class and now we`re doing it 2gether. But the ppl seem really cool. Actually..it's an chics only class lol...we got 3 guys in the class and thats it lol poor guys...lol yep and the peeps are 16-20 yrs old. One chic is already 20 shes the oldest i guess..the most are 18..then it goes up to 17-16. I think lisa and me are the youngest in class ..yep. And our class teacher...Mr. Kramer..lol he seems cool too. He keeps smiling all the time and everything is funny to him lol he seems like a person that has only sunny days in life..yeah..lol and then..2morrow we're going on this trip and hes like.." Oh i wanted to buy something to drink..so what do u guys wanna drink? *smile smile* and then he goes on.." Okay uhhm...water...coke...ice tea...uhmm...beer?" lol and everybody was like " yessssss" omg lol. I dont like beer...disgusting. I don't really like any alc...cocktails r cool though...like pina colada^_^ hehe. Well yeah..so I'll see how everythin works out. I've already talked to some ppl and i think...the next 3 yrs might get really cool..^_^ since the ppl seem nice...just hope the teachers wont b asses. Yep..I`ll see how everythin works..I'll keep ya posted;-) Now i gotta go and take a shower and get ready for 2morrow..buh bye!! I'm off!! Till Friday!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Sun, Aug. 29th, 2004, 07:36 pm
Lasf day

yup yup..I'll start school 2morrow...HELP. I'm nervous...hope everythin works out okay and stuff...waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

My day today started w/Tina waking me up lol first she sent a message to my cell and i was still in my bed..in my eeyore sleepshirt lol and im like..huh what was that beep?..Oh..my cell lol. Then she called and shes like..im almost infront of ur house...come out I'll wait here and im like...Uhmm...I'm still in my pyjamas ...and shes like...then get dressed duuh lol so i got dressed and went out and there she was. Hehe it was cool..i havent seen her in a while cuz she always has to work and stuff. She had a Volleyball match today and still had some time so we walked a lil around and then went to the match..( it was in a buliding thats round the corner from my house may i add lol) and we watched the some others playin..i wanted to stay and watch Tina playin but i sat on something wet and so my boodie was all wet and eww and waa lol and i got cold and hungry so i went home to eat and change my pants lol. So I'm on my way home...and infront of my house..there is ana and this other chic..(they're doing newspaper delievery and were making a break) so i talked a lil with em...then they noticed my wet bud lol and im like..nooooo i didnt piss off my pants lmao just sat on somethin wet and stuff..ana asked me to come over to her house later to hang out ..i wanted to but somehow that didnt work out anymore. After Lunch my mom kiddnapped me and we went to Somborn( the next viallage) she wanted to go to the ice-cream parlor and buy me a big ass ice cream portion lol so we went there...sit down..and then shes like..DONT ORDER ANYTHING I DONT HAVE MONEY!!! and im like...R U KIDDING? lol THEN LETS GET OUT OF HERE REAL QUICK! and then already this waiter come up to us asking what we're gonna take and Im just like....eh...ehem uhhmm..heheh uhmm...er uhmm...*shit* uuuuuhhmm...we left the money at home....bye byeeeeee" and tried to get mom out of there , since she was still looking in her bag for money...babbling "shit i left it on the microwave"...duuuh lol. EMBARRESING!! yeah so then..we went visiting a friend and her baby. Cute lil baby..awwwww. So now im home and now i got a headache..waaaa.

This might b my last post until Friday cuz I'm leaving Tuesday...so..you better miss me!! lol and leave me some nice comments and wish me luck alright?

later, buh bye <3 <3 <3 <3

Sat, Aug. 28th, 2004, 10:52 am

awwww *lol*
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help help help heeeeelp lol. I have to sing at the wedding today..but uhmm...I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR! *lol* well.. okay then i'll just put on an awesome black outfit..( which i have enough of lol) and just hope peeps wont think im goin to a funeral but to a wedding lol.

Fri, Aug. 27th, 2004, 02:07 pm

School is getting closer...yep i know i already said that. I'm kina looking forward to start school again..cuz my days r getting really lame...i think almost 2months of summer vacation is just way too much. Not that i mind, I mean I loooooooove having vacation , but if you don't have anything to do and keep doing the same shitty things everyday and stuff..you're gonna get tiered of it soon. And to look back..i didn't really do anything that much interesting in my vacation. Well okay..i watched some movies, did some shopping and hung out alot w/ana, i mean i had fun and stuff..but now those last couple days..every day i wake up with the thought" Well Jenn..so what r u gonna do today...?" I'm glad ana is here and we hang out ...every day. Or i prolly would go crazy just killing time in my room..since nobody calls me which i am kina pissed at also. Like..when i was a senior..school was hard and nobody reallly had that much time so i didnt spent that much time w/friends, unless it was sometimes at the weekend or when we studyed 2gether..and now that we have soooo damn much time...not really anybody calls...well okay...Tina has to work alot..Julie and Sue were on vacation...at least Tib or Anne could have gimme some kina sign from em so that i would know they're still alive. Tomorrow there is this wedding from this woman in the choir..so we're gonna sing there..so then i will see anne and tib again..yeah. So..I'm ready for school. And i don't know what I'm going to...just hope it doesnt suck.

So I'm gonna spent the rest of my days w/ana and truly enjoy em...yep yep. It seems like I'm gettin really close w/her..closer then we used to b...seems like its getting a real cool friendship..which is cool. Oh yeah..having a real Goth as a friend truly rocks^_^ teehehe.

Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 09:47 pm

The countdown yo...got 3 days left...and then school starts and then all the stress is gonna come back..well well. I hope it doesn't suck...

My dog is still in pain from the operation..last night he was makin me go crazy. He cryed and cryed all night long until like 2am, then i decided I'm gonna let him sleep in my room. That was the first time he slept in my room cuz usually i dont let him go into my room cuz i dont want him to mess everything up cuz he would take everything in his mouth that he sees. He didnt this night. He lay down on my carpet and finally he was quiet and sleeping..then he woke me in the morning..jumped in my bed and licked my face ...ewww lol. Well well..i guess I'll let him sleep there today also...to avoid hes gonna start cryin again ....yep.

So today...i tidyed up my room...hung out a lil w/ana...its actually the same every day...my life has been pretty boring during my vacation...time for some action lol.
Im sooo bored...doesnt anyone want to entertain me eh? lol

Wed, Aug. 25th, 2004, 04:29 pm

I must have something that attracts weird guys. I'm serious..!! Or maybe its just this village lol. Like everytime those men who bulit the streets and stuff..dunno how u call em..street and house buliders..? lol are buliding something here and i would walk by..they will get all crazy ....duuh lol. Just a second ago, right infront of my house those ppl r building a new street or something..and i was just gonna open the door..and they start " Piskat" at me and giving me those weird looks and act all...ewwy lol. I dont like those guys who bulid the streets..they r weird..and actually old..but there must b something on me that attracts em or otherwise they wouldnt act that way..but its soo ewwy..next time that happens..im gonna show em the bad finger hehehe. But its always the same..weird ppl keep starring at me everywhere i go...even chics! I`m gonna start wearing a paper bag over my face..lol...well well.

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